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powerful partnership held with dynamic curiosity

I work with individuals ranging from corporate leaders to full-time stay-at-home parents.  My warm, insightful approach allows clients to design and attain their goals, grow their skills, and make meaningful change that fosters deep and lasting relationships.

I believe I am particularly well suited to work with those who find themselves saying things like, “I feel like I'm languishing in my career…Why are my kids acting like that?...It’s impossible to get it all done.”  Now imagine after our work together saying, “I can't wait for family time!...I feel settled and confident at work…I know I am providing value wherever I am.” 

I work compassionately with each client, to make space for the important work of peeling back the layers of the onion. Individual coaching involves acknowledging what is, articulating future goals, and drawing a map to personal fulfillment and success. I bring 12+ years of professional experience and passion to foster positive change. As a spouse, parent, traumatic and complex grief survivor, and cancer survivor (2 times over) with multiple career pivots under my belt, I can personally attest to the power of personalized wellbeing cartography. 

We all get stuck sometimes. You deserve the gift of inner peace as you navigate life’s milestones and sometimes unpredictable transitions. Just because it feels like life has given you lemons, don’t feel pressure to make lemonade, in fact, don’t, make your own refreshing drink that is right for you. Let's draw a new fish. 

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Children's Race


my passion project

The more adults who are educated on the topic of healthy sexual development, the more children we can keep safe. The workshops I offer, in conjunction with Illuminate Colorado, are true prevention work. They promise a future where children are free from sexual abuse. In order to have the broadest impact, all of the workshops are completely FREE to participants thanks to generous grants from the State of Colorado. 

  • What to Expect when Talking the "Talk"

  • Lines in the Sand: Identifying and Addressing Boundary Violations

  • Stewards of Children ®

Existing clients, please use this button to book our next session, can't wait!

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